Mar 142012

The last time I wrote, I chose to take a bit of a nostalgic track, discussing three cars that, if I had my druthers, would not have died off in the ’90s. Evidently, I am not the only one who misses cars like the Honda Prelude either, since this month’s Automobile magazine features a bit on cars they want back. Right smack in the middle of the list was the Prelude. The hit counts also indicate that I may have hit a chord when focusing on that particular decade. Since I seem to be on a roll, I decided to milk this for a while.

For as great as the ’90s were as a transitional decade, successful transitions don’t happen without some… hiccups. The decade that gave us the Supra, the RX-7 and the 300ZX at their zenith, for instance, also gave us the dawn of the SUV craze. And for every Honda Civic or Nissan Maxima there seemed a spectral opposite from Ford or Chevy. Don’t get me wrong, though. Import manufacturers weren’t immune to making silly, ineffective or cheap cars either.

I guess the general gist I’m going for here is that though the ’90s were great in many ways, they also stunk in several others, automotively speaking. As a result, many names never made it to the next millennium. Here are three of the most egregious examples. Continue reading »