The best simple upgrades for your daily driver – Part III: Handling

You know what really annoys me? Someone who tailgates in a straight line, then falls about a mile back when the road curves even a little bit, then blows by when it straightens out again. Indeed, as any real car guy (or girl) will tell you there is a large […]

The best simple upgrades for your daily driver – Part I: Tires

Most people see their cars as little more than transportation from one point to another. Most people, therefore, buy a car that suits their needs and then simply use it until, for whatever reason, it no longer does. Chances are if you’re reading this site, you are not one of […]

Project CRX part 3: Hoosier’s R6 vaults me to the top

This project car update was published on July 9, 2010 on my original WordPress site. When last we talked about the CRX, I had made some minor changes and was pleased with its all-around performance, but frustrated by my inability to coax it to its first auto-x class win. The […]