Mar 052012

For some people, warm air reminds them that trips to the beach are just around the corner. For others, it signals the start of burly men swinging large wooden clubs and running around in the dirt. For me, it brings to mind growling exhaust notes, the smell of hot rubber, and the sound of squealing tires. It reminds me that autocross season is not far away.

And so it was in late February of this year. We had a short run of unseasonably warm days and, for that brief moment, racing didn’t seem so distant.

It got me to thinking about the first time I took part in an auto-x and I started to consider some of the advice I would give to someone in my position back then: a novice on a tight budget. This, I thought, was worth sharing with my adoring readers.

So, in honor of impending spring weather, here are five recommendations for gear and apparel that I would give to the first-timer or novice on a tight budget: Continue reading »