Jan 152013

As you may recall, in the last installment (the introduction to this car) I stated outright that I chose a 1997 Volvo 850 non-turbo sedan as my next daily driver because it has character. It has been quite a while since I wrote anything — on this site or otherwise — so I assume that most of you came to the conclusion that I was so embarrassed by this assertion that I gave up on auto writing altogether, leaving Gearheads Anonymous to go the way of Google Buzz (remember that? Yeah, didn’t think so) or the Chrysler Crossfire.

What actually happened was that I got my finger caught in a rather unpleasant situation involving a timing gear that resulted in several fractures. I have since recovered, but found it difficult to find the motivation to get back to writing. The reasons varied, of course: I couldn’t think of a good topic, I was too tired after work, things needed doing around the house, etc. The result, however, was inevitable. Without care and attention the site stalled and even my contributors lost interest. It has been just about three months since the front page of this site has seen any new material and more than three and a half since I did an update on this project. Continue reading »

Mar 052012

This project car update was published on November 3, 2010 on my original WordPress site.

A long time has passed since I wrote an update on my ongoing CRX project, and for that I apologize. For the most part, that has been because I don’t have much to report, although graduate thesis concerns have played a major part as well.

This article, then, will be something of a comprehensive wrap-up of the 2010 portion of the CRX project, and a look forward to what I am considering for 2011.

When last I wrote, the addition of a set of Hoosier R6 tires had both made the car a class winner and enlarged my head quite a bit. My ego received further enhancement when, at the following even in July, I trounced my rival in the blue EP Civic Si, beating him by nearly 2 seconds in my fastest lap. I began to believe that, in its current state, the CRX and I were pretty much an unbeatable combination in South Jersey. Continue reading »