Mar 042012

Every gearhead, it seems, has a story to describe the origins of his (or her) obsession. Some grow up around cars, constantly exposed to car talk, tinkering, motorsports, or some other automotive endeavor by some close friend or family member. Others kind of stumble in to it, one day happening to walk past a car show and falling in love with them, or some such. Still others seem to have a predisposition bred in to them from day one.

My own path was slightly less direct than any of those — and way more nerdtastic. Rather than stumbling on to a car show at a young age, I stumbled on to Star Trek.

But let me stop you before the serious eye rolling starts. This isn’t that kind of story. I didn’t give a damn about the highly developed characters, the storylines that mirrored political and social questions of the time or about soap opera-esque sub plots. I didn’t care much for Kirk or Picard, Riker or Spock, Data or Uhura. Actually, I think one of the best lines to come from anything Star Trek related was in a Beavis and Butthead episode where Butthead (as Picard) tells Beavis (as Riker), “Number One, go take a number two.” Continue reading »