Project Cars

Project Swedish Rocket

Volvo 850Part 1 — Meet Project Swedish Rocket (Aug. 29, 2012) — I launch a search for a daily driver and come out of it with a car you probably never though you’d see as a project on this site: a 1997 Volvo 850.

Part 2Project Swedish Rocket Brings Me Back To Writing (Jan. 15, 2013) — After an extended absence from the site, the 850 provides the inspiration for me to start writing again. Includes a brief discussion on small repairs to make the car a more reliable daily driver.

Part 3Project Swedish Rocket: Expect the Unexpected (Jan. 29, 2013) — The 850 throws some unexpected challenges my way, but continues to be a worthy daily driver. A few visual updates are made as well.

 Part 4Project Swedish Rocket Gets Down To Business (Apr. 11, 2013) — I take care of a few more maintenance items, fix a few annoying quirks and make a much-needed visual upgrade. Then we talk challenge.

Part 5Keepin’ it in the Family: a Pseudo-Farewell to Project Swedish Rocket (Feb. 6, 2014) — My affair with the 850 reaches its inevitable end and makes a happy new start.


Project CRX Autocrosser

Project CRX

Part 1Meet Project CRX (June 15, 2010) — An introduction to my first autocross project car, a 1991 Honda CRX DX.

Part 2Autocross shakedown and some simple upgrades (June 28, 2010) — Discussion of my first autocross with the CRX and the simple upgrades done to improve the car while keeping it legal for stock-class competition.

Part 3Hoosier’s R6 vaults me to the top (July 9, 2010) — The addition of a set of Hoosier R6 tires makes the CRX competitive for class wins.

Part 42010’s a wrap (Nov. 3, 2010) — A wrap-up of the 2010 autocross season and of my first year with the CRX. A look ahead to what I have in mind for 2011 as well.

Part 5Small tweaks and tightening the nut behind the wheel (Aug. 2, 2011) — Some more minor upgrades to make the car more liveable in everyday driving. Also, the CRX and I do a driving school

Part 6SJR finally gets its act together (Aug. 22, 2011)  — My SCCA region finally finds a venue to host our events and the CRX gets off to a good start.

Part 7Farewell to Project CRX (Feb. 21, 2012) — Project CRX comes to a close in disappointing fashion. I look back with mixed feelings on a very up-and-down project.