It’s Not You… It’s Me

In life and love, every relationship reaches a point where one (or both) of the parties involved starts to look at its development with a more critical eye. Serious questions are asked: “Is this really what I want?” “Am I as happy as I could be? As I should be?” […]

Fulfill Yourself: Go Work on Something

I’m in a bit of an automotive funk lately. I’ve mused about similar topics before, but lately I feel very down on the current and future state of the car. The feel, the fun, and the personality all seem to be gone from the kinds of cars normal people buy. […]

Inexpensive Auto-X Gear For the Novice — 2015 Edition

Even though I wrote it more than four years ago now, one of my most frequently-read posts continues to be the one in which I talk about inexpensive gear for auto-x newcomers. Since the advice is still good and there still appears to be a call for the info, I figured […]

Is Parity Possible in F1? One Race in and I’m Bored.

Yep, the first race of the Formula 1 season has come and gone, and I’ve seen all I need to see. To no one’s surprise, Mercedes took a commanding 1-2 finish in Melbourne — Lewis Hamilton 1.36 seconds clear of teammate Nico Rosberg. The next closest? Sebastian Vettel’s Ferrari 33.163 […]