Keepin’ it in the Family: a Pseudo-Farewell to Project Swedish Rocket

To anyone that knows me, this was inevitable. For all the great things the 850 does — its quirky personality, its stubborn reliability and its Swedish comfort — there are three key things that it is not:

1. Nimble
2. A stick
3. Even remotely quick

Now, I admit that I knew all this coming in and chose this project anyway. I chose it for all the things it was not and accepted it as such. I also admit that I enjoyed it, and continue to do so, for all of those reasons. But as I said, anyone who knows me knows that this car couldn’t be my only automotive love for long and they are correct. I need something a little more from my cars and the 850 could never fill that role.

Don’t think that this is another sad farewell, though. No, this was a labor of love for me and I had so much invested that it only made sense that I treat it as such. As of this month it is my wife’s daily driver and she loves it for many of the same reasons I do, especially the seats. I am a little sad that it never got to see the challenge I had planned for it, but I am pleased that all my work won’t go to waste and it will live a long and healthy life with us.

Speaking of the work, this is probably the closest I have ever come to being “done” with a project. I know I didn’t get to chronicle it all, but I will leave you with a list of everything I did to it, including all the parts I installed. Some of it will be familiar, some was completed since my last update. If you have any questions, feel free to ask away in the comments.

Project Volvo 850 base sedan — list of work completed

IPD odometer repair kit
IPD dash light repair kit
Alpine head unit
Integrated Sirius radio
Driver side window regulator
Volvo electronic ignition switch
Volvo keyless entry remote

IPD black egg-crate grille
Junkyard power antenna module
Custom rear trunk
Lamin-x yellow fog light treatment

Driver front caliper
Front pads & rotors
Rear pads, rotors and mounting hardware
Complete front coil assembly (IPD third party springs, Monroe struts, Volvo genuine XC90 spring seats, all hardware)
Heavy duty front sway bar links
Third party front lower control arms
IPD rear overload springs
KYB rear shocks
Goodyear Eagle RS-A tires

IPD upper engine torque mount bushing
Third party lower transmission torque mount
Transmission fluid drain/fill
Rebuilt passenger side driveshaft
Replaced driver side driveshaft
Volvo spark plugs, distributor cap, rotor and wires
Volvo fuel filter
IPD PCV breather repair kit
IPD 90-degree thermostat
Coolant drain/fill

And, just for old time’s sake, at the time of this writing I have just been informed that the “Check Engine” light is on. Guess she just wants my hands on her. The best projects never really do end, do they?

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