Car of the Week: 1981 Porsche 928

It has been a while since I wrote a Car of the Week piece and I found myself missing it a little. Chuck has done a great job and his car choices have been excellent. I have to keep my finger in the proverbial pot, though, no?

As is so often the case, my inspiration for this week comes from a car I encountered on the trade-in lot. Most of them are boring, but every once in a while something genuinely interesting (and even rare) shows up. This week’s Car of the Week showed up last month and its mere presence prompted me to want to read more about it.

1981 Porsche 928


 As I said above, the appearance of a white 1981 928 on the trade-in line at my family of dealerships created a little itch in the back of my mind. The 928, though it was intended to replace the 911 as Porsche’s flagship, never quite lived up to sales expectations. The formula was a winner on paper — front-mounted V8, rear-wheel-drive, near-perfect balance — but Porsche buyers, it seems, just weren’t ready to accept anything but the 911, in looks or design.

Just because it wasn’t a “real” Porsche doesn’t mean they didn’t sell any, though, and the owner of this example clearly knew how to treat a rare, fast car. Despite its 31 years, the odometer showed only 60,000 miles. The interior and exterior looked like you might expect — well-loved but well-cared-for. It was, in short, a cream puff and it was totally unsurprising when someone showed up with a trailer and happily towed it off the lot. After a brief several weeks of exposure to the elements it has undoubtedly resumed its role as garage queen extraordinaire.

I have to admit, I was VERY tempted to see how much it would cost me.

About the Car

Porsche introduced the 928 in 1978 and it ran in various trim designations and with several engines all the way through 1995. It was one of only a handful of Porsches ever produced with an engine in the front. Although it never replaced the 911, it did set a number of impressive performance benchmarks. Porsche, for instance, claimed that the 928 was the fastest production car available in the U.S. in 1984. With a claimed top speed of 146 mph, that was hard to argue.

By the ’90s, though, even though the styling was still unique and edgy (says me, anyway), the 928 was getting long in the tooth. Rather than redesign it, Porsche decided to cease production. The 928, then, went from the 911’s successor to another single-generation Porsche to garnish and augment the long and glorious run of the one “true” Porsche.

Long live the king.

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