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Welcome to Gearheads AnonymousWelcome to the new, improved Gearheads Anonymous!

Though this is a relatively new endeavor, its goals are lofty. If the big sites like Jalopnik are the Car & Driver of the blog world, then you can think of Gearheads Anonymous as the relative equivalent of Grassroots Motorsports or the unfortunately defunct Sport Compact Car. We will give you news and opinions from the perspective of the amateur enthusiast — the weekend racer, who drives his or her car to work the next day, if you will.

As you can probably tell, this site is still very much in its infancy. Whether, in the coming months, it achieves any success depends mostly upon you, the reader. Thanks for visiting and we hope you come back soon!

Contribuing to Gearheads Anonymous

At the moment we are seeking to build a core group of contributing authors to supply content, but we are always also happy to take occasional contributions from anyone with a good story or two to tell and the ability to tell it in a way that suits the site. If you’re interested in becoming a contributor, large or small, please fill out the form below and include a short list of your recent writing experience (links help!).


One of the projects we are working on is adding a feature car and driver section to the site. If you are interested or know anyone who might be, please use the form below to tell us about it.

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