5 Cars We Could Have Done Without in the New Millennium

So perhaps this piece is long overdue. I mean, it is 2013 already. But I decided to take a look back at cars that were introduced in the new millennium. There were some great models — like the Honda S2000, the Audi A5, the Cadillac CTS and the Ford Fusion. Maybe another day we can cover those. But alas, today we’re going to look at models that should have never left the proverbial drawing board. Here is my list of the five models that should have never hit the streets.

Chrysler PT Cruiser – Seriously, what the heck were the designers thinking with this one?! This car was just awfully designed. Chrysler must have felt they were about to miss the retro wave and needed to quickly release this hearse-looking vehicle before it was too late.  And if the regular version wasn’t bad enough, they had the audacity to introduce a CONVERTIBLE??? It’s too bad because we see now that they are great at doing retro (think current Dodge Charger and Challenger). For you Twitter users, this is a #Fail.

Hummer H2 – There’s only one Hummer we care about, and it never needed the designation “H1”. We all know what it is when it rumbles down the road or takes up two parking spaces. The H2 on the other hand is just a Tonka truck gone wrong. And if the H2 wasn’t bad enough, the H2T is an embarrassment to a model that is already pretty embarrassing in retrospect.

Land Rover Freelander – This Land Rover is a disgrace to what the brand stands for. Look up Land Rover in a dictionary from the 90s and it would say “maker of  the most capable off-road vehicles on the planet.” Look it up in 2002 and it would say SELL OUT. Way to diminish the value of the brand guys. Actually, perhaps I should be putting Ford on the hot seat for this one…

Pontiac Aztek – Simply put, I think this car might have closed the doors on an iconic brand. “Designed” to be a car of the future, it made Pontiac a thing of the past.

Scion xB – Why did Scion/Toyota think that Generation Y wanted cars less aerodynamic in appearance than a Volvo from the 80s? The xB is a refrigerator box on wheels, and not the answer to what Gen Y was looking for. It’s really interesting that Scion missed the mark so badly because the tC model was a fantastic example of what that shopper was and still is looking for.

So that’s my list. What do you think? Don’t worry, I know there are more than five models that we could have done without in the new millenium. With that being said, if you were restricted to five choices, would you replace any of mine? Feel free to let us know in the comments section, and you can always tweet at us to tell me what you think using the Twitter handles @ChuckWhatTheF or @gearheadsanon.

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